What is better Motivation or Discipline?

”Life is like a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving”. This is one of the famous quotes of Albert Einstein. I can say that what helps in your life to keep you going forward is motivation. Motivation simply means the motive everyone has in his or her life. The one single motive in your life has an influential, emphatic effect in your life, on the other hand, the distance between your dreams and reality is discipline. Discipline plays a great role to achieve your goals in life. Getting motivated is simple but staying disciplined is not an easy task. Great efforts are required to stay disciplined. Everyone can get motivated very easily but only few can manage to stay disciplined. Many of us when we are facing difficulties in life or going through the worst time you have never imagine, you find difficulties in your job, the reasons may be different, at that time, Motivation plays a key role.  Because, of motivation you work with great enthusiasm, motivation helps you be more productive in your work, study or in your job or whatever you are doing but your motive should be very strong otherwise you will get frustrated in the middle of something. Your motive should always inspire you to achieve what you have always wanted, be crazy enough about your goals. Many people who while studying get bore or don’t feel like studying anymore so at that time they prefer to watch motivational videos or they write/stick a quote in front of the desk, which keeps them motivated. This thing also works for them. They start studying, forgetting the difficulties, stress, worries all they have in their mind is they want to achieve their goal anyhow. They make a plan and start working it. But, very less manage to stay disciplined and achieve the goal. Discipline plays a vital role, what a person always desires to become is made possible with his discipline. Discipline is simply the actions repeated day in and day out to reach a great height in life. Your entire life can literally change in a year. All you need to do is, be brave enough and be disciplined enough to actually work for it. If motivation is not paired with discipline, motivation is of no use. Because only motivation doesn’t get you anywhere. In life motivation and discipline should both go hand in hand. Motivation without action is of no use. It doesn’t mean Motivation has nothing to do. Surely, it helps you to charge up, it makes you believe that no matter, what it takes to get me closer to my dream, it feels you completely with positivity, negative thoughts do not have any place in your life at that time when you are completely motivated by something. Because if you can’t control what you think you are unable to control what you do. But personally, I feel that discipline is always important than motivation if a person has a strong a very strong motive in life and has a very clear mindset that it’s time to work and stay very truthful with his or her efforts by being disciplined no matter what. And if he has a strong inner motivation a person never searches for any external motivation without wasting any time. He or She starts working on it. Cause, they know that they will never always be motivated so, they learn to be disciplined. Just imagine if a person is just searching for motivation whenever he /she feels low or breakdown completely, at such time what you need to do is Decide that by their actions, their self-discipline they try to get out of every problem in life. Somewhere everyone knows that only my actions, will change this situation but it requires discipline, and I have described above very few can really manage to be disciplined until you feel, Yes! I did it. And that moment in your life separates you from the rest of the people. So Stay Disciplined and see the Magic, feel the happiness of achieving something in life. So stay motivated, disciplined and be the achiever, walk the road that very few people dare to.

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